Magnetic is a dynamic & diverse organisation operating within the Australian energy supply industry.

We are a team of vibrant, client-focussed professionals with a fresh approach to developing and delivering industry standard and customised services to our valued clients.

Our collective experience spans the breadth of the ESI, having worked with some of the country’s largest and most reputable asset owners and service providers.

We seek to exceed expectations by delivering high quality, innovative and contemporary services that are both industry compliant and client specific.


The Magnetic team have extensive ESI experience, including:

  • HV Design, Construction & Commissioning
  • HV Asset Management (Preventative & Corrective Maintenance)
  • ESI Mandated Training Delivery
  • Customisation and delivery of client-specific training and development programs
  • Project Management
  • HV Works Planning
  • HV Operational Planning
  • HV Operations (Distribution and Transmission switching)
  • HV Auditing (New & Existing Installations)